Ages: 7-9
CEF Level: A1

This second year primary course is a perfect fit for the student who has had some basic English. We expand on their existing skills so our students can learn to speak about their world and take wing using their burgeoning language confidence.

  • Talk, talk, and more talking. Students will practice their speaking and listening skills.
  • Lessons are taught using playful action, purposeful games, stories, drama activities, chanting, singing, all designed to promote fun while learning
  • Learn greeting introductions
  • Learn to pose simple phrase level questions and answers
  • Learn to discern, mimic intonation and gesture
  • Learn basic sentence structure, dialogue, and vocabulary
  • Learn simple writing activities and word games
  • Learn to identify and elaborate on subjects that include greetings, fruits and vegetables, household objects, clothes, family, the body, farm life, traveling, and holidays

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