English Film Club Bregenz

English Alive has begun a new English Film Club Bregenz for fellow fanatics from the Bodensee region this year. Our film selection will include various genres such as shorts, documentaries, and art films. Each viewing will be followed by a discussion that will have a format similar to our English book club discussions. In addition, we’ll learn and discuss the merits unique to filmmaking using our expanded terminology to analyze and critique our chosen feature as we explore, better appreciate, and learn together about the art of filmmaking.

December 2013

Memento 2001, a neo-noir psycho thriller, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Guy Pearce.

February 2014

Let’s Make Money 2008, an Austrian documentary by Erwin Wagenhofer.

March 2014

Prisoner of Paradise 2002, a documentary by Malcolm Clarke about Kurt Gerron, a Jewish cabaret artist, actor, and film director, who died in the Holocaust.

April 2014

20 Feet From Stardom 2013a documentary directed by Morgan Neville. The film won an Oscar for the best documentary feature and the 19th Critic’s Choice Award in 2014 and highlighted the stories and challenges of backup singers and their particular niche within the music industry.

May 2014

Kumare 2011,  a documentary written and directed by Vikram Gandi. The film followed Vikram Gandi in a “provocative social experiment, turned documentary, as he transforms himself into a wise Indian guru, hoping to prove the absurdity of blind faith.”

Currently on hiatus.

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