English Alive Theatre for Children

English Alive Theatre for Children brings language to life. Our creative workshops offer language learning as a natural process by exploring the world and culture through dramatic play. We offer theatre workshops that work well within the school curriculum or as an after school activity. Our motto “kid run, kid done, more fun” reflects our commitment that our students actively contribute to as much of the drama process as possible. Our productions are made for and by the kids. Our young people, act, sing, choreograph dance and stage movements, assist in creating the stage visuals and costumes. Through these immersion activities they effortlessly retain the information that is crucial in language acquisition. The skills and confidence that our pupils gain during the drama process leads to higher student achievement plus they are given an opportunity to express themselves through dramatic play.

Mega Virus Zombie Attack

Mega Virus Zombie Attack 2015

English Alive’s students hold a performance or screening at the completion of their course or workshop to showcase their language proficiency and confidence. Sharon has written and directed eight modern fairytale theatre adaptations for her students which they have performed to appreciative audiences in their communities.

Theatre Archives 2007-2020

Volksschule Lochau Musical Theatre

2020 Christmas At The OK Corral 1a, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b
2019 Elfis And The Sleigh Riders 3a
2018 The Directory Who Had No Desire To Retire 3a (Video)
2017 Ralph The Reindeer 3a (Video)
2016 Father Christmas Is Hungry 3a (Video)
2014 Father Christmas Is Hungry
2013 The Pied Piper
2012 The Emperor’s Cool Clothes
2011 Rumplestiltskin
2010 Little Red Riding Hood
2009 The Three Musicians From Lochau
2008 Surf’s Up Snow White
2007 The Three Pigs Go West

Volksschule Hörbranz Musical Theatre

2017 Snow White, Hats In The Attic, & Midnight On The Farm 3c (Video)
2016 Christmas In The West 3c (Video)
2016 The Magic Wand 3b (Video)
2016 The Magic Wand 3c (Video)
2015 Mega Virus Zombie Attack (Video)
2014 Father Christmas Is Hungry (Video)
2014 Barnyard Moosical
2014 The Circus
2013 Christmas In The West (Video)
2012 The Three Pigs Go West
2012 The Clown’s Birthday
2011 Elfis And The Sleighriders
2011 The Magic Wand
2010 Tammy Queen Of Jams
2009 Father Christmas Is Hungry

Volksschule Heilgereuthe Musical Theatre

2012 The Clown’s Birthday
2011 Tammy Queen of Jams
2010 The Magic Wand
2009 Father Christmas Is Hungry

Stadt der Kinder Bregenz

2009 The Three Musicians From Lochau

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