Primary School English

“Learning a language is like a small bird learning to fly. Students begin hesitantly, but soon they unfold their wings and soar high into the sky.”

Birds color correctedOur weekly classes are designed to complement the existing Volksschule English curriculum. We teach in collaboration with the primary instructor in an effective Supportive Team Teaching approach. Our classes correspond and expand upon our selected English textbook, or we can customize the class and materials to the particular needs of the institution. In addition, we enhance the classes with carefully chosen books, activities, songs, chants, and visual aids. We follow the level guidelines set by the Common European Framework (CEF).


Class Offerings


Ages: 6-8
CEF Level: A1


Ages: 7-9
CEF Level: A1


Ages: 8-10
CEF Level: A1


Ages: 9-11
CEF Level: A1



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