English Native Speaker School Courses in Austria

English Alive offers quality intensive language workshops and courses to your school or organization in the Bodensee region


“We open the door to learning English,
so our students can enter with confidence.”


  • English class instruction for students aged 6-18 years
  • three day intensive project workshops for secondary schools
  • English Theatre For Children
  • creative immersion workshops in the English Language
  • experienced, qualified, native English speakers from the USA
  • innovative activities and materials designed to actively engage and motivate students
  • complement and expand upon the students’ existing English curriculum

English Alive makes use of the powerful tool of drama in our language workshops, courses, and theatre. Our curriculum includes plenty of role playing, storytelling, and exciting activities that naturally connect thought with action that leads to positive learning outcomes. This creative approach enriches the total language experience by actively engaging and motivating the student in an atmosphere of learning and fun. We teach to multiple intelligences using auditory, visual, and  a “hands on” approach that results in greater language retention for our charges.

Invite English Alive Native Speaker School Courses to your institution and bring language to life.

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