Ages: 8-10
CEF Level: A1

In this third year primary course our birds of a feather speak English together. In these lessons our students will continue to improve their speaking abilities. They will expand upon familiar topics and delve into new themes. Content and language integrated learning is emphasized in the studying of new material thus furthering our youngsters English skills and boosting their confidence as they spread their language wings to fly.

  • Talk, talk and more talking.┬áStudents will continue to improve their speaking and listening skills
  • Lessons are taught using playful action, purposeful games, stories, drama activities, chanting, singing, all designed to promote fun while learning
  • Learn to discern, mimic intonation and gesture in real language situations
  • Learn new subjects and expand on each area further by reading, writing and speaking
  • Learn to count by fives, tens, and up to one hundred
  • Learn and elaborate on new subjects such as greeting pleasantries, introductions, likes and dislikes, ordering in a restaurant, buying articles in a shop, months, years, birthdays parties, school, pets, fright, weather, time, free time, hobbies, sports, home life, feelings, shopping, and holidays.

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