Ages: 9-11
CEF Level: A1

In our fourth year primary course our students will soar to new heights in their English language acquisition. They’ll develop their speaking abilities further to talk about their daily life and the wider world. The lessons are designed to engage the pupils in more complex language situations such as describing things and people, voicing their opinions, comparing and contrasting. Content and language integrated learning is emphasized to introduce new material as well as acquire new English skills. Our lessons are geared towards giving our students the needed aptitude to excel when they move on to the secondary level.

  • Talk, talk and more talking. Students will continue to improve their speaking and listening skills
  • Lessons are taught using meaningful action, purposeful games, stories, drama activities, chanting, singing, all designed to promote fun while learning
  • Learn more about introduced subjects by more reading and writing
  • Learn and elaborate further on new subjects such as greeting pleasantries, introductions, appearance, favorite places, culture, family and friends, spooky castles, food and drink, birthdays, wild animals, asking and giving directions, US schools, treasure hunt, geography, and holidays.

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